District Cooling

District cooling is the centralised production and distribution of cooling energy. Chilled water is delivered via underground insulated pipelines to commercial, industrial and domestic buildings.  The chilled water is used to to cool the indoor air of the buildings within a district. Specially designed units in each building then use this water to lower the temperature of air passing through the building’s air conditioning system.

Flexalen is an ideal pipe selection for District Cooling due its features of

  • Flexibility – straight lengths and coils up to 150m length
  • Jointing- mechanical or welded options
  • Performance characteristics -  high lifetime expectancy

Products suitable for District Cooling are – to read the technical details for each product click on the title

  • Flexalen 600 The compact standard system
    Flexalen 600 is mostly applied in applications for District Heating and Cooling systems, schools and housing areas.
  • Flexalen 1000+ The multi functional system
    Flexalen 1000+: carefully selected and matched components combine to make a system that offers easy installation and superior insulation for special requirements.
  • Flexalen SL
    Flexalen SL is designed for main lines in larger networks. Equipped with Polybutene medium pipes d125 – d225 is produced in 6m or 12m straight lengths.

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