Pre-insulated Pipes Overview

Preinsulated Preinsulated Pipe Preinsulated Pipe in Ground

Flexalen 600 Overview

The Flexalen 600 system is made up of 3 basic components

  • High impact HDPE outer casing
  • Unique Class PE foam insulation
  • PB-1 carrier pipes

Flexalen Pipe Systems

These materials give our pipe systems unique advantages over other plastic insulated pipe systems.

  • Unique construction highly secure
  • Water tight bond between corrugated outer pipe and polyolefine insulation.
  • Top quality foam
  • Water diffusion resistance µ>3.500
  • Light weight system (1.6 kg for 2×32 in 125 outer casing)
  • High flexibility at low temperatures <0°C
  • Highly flexible easy to bend around corners
  • Single lines 25 110 mm and twin lines 25 63 mm
  • Easy to install, full range of easy to use fittings
  • Built in expansion compensation
  • Very low friction loss proven for high flow speed
  • Pressure hammer absorption


Flexenergy Certificates