Heat Interface Units

Flexenergy now stock a range of Heat Interface Units. This is a range of interface modules for use in de-centralised systems such as community or district heating.

Heat Interface Unit

The range includes:
- Direct and In-Direct stations
- Floor and radiator heating unit options
- Instantaneous or stored hot water units
- Options for 1 or 2 shower/bath DHW requirement
- DHW only units
The units come with the following features:

- Compact unit size
- In-built MID approved, class 2 energy meter for tenant energy use cost allocation
- Internal balancing via a differential pressure control valve on the heating
- Pressure and temperature control for the hot water via our PT°C2 control valve
- Unit control valve and actuator
- Return temperature limiting valve to ensure controlled heating for the apartment and the district heating system
- Thermal bypass which keeps an availability of hot water for immediate use
- Air vent and strainers to ensure water quality and good operation
- An aesthetically pleasing cover
- Options for top, bottom or mixed pipe connections (direct only)

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