Flexenergy’s Specialist Pipe Technology on display at Ecobuild 2018 (Stand: E184)

The thermal properties, eco credentials and jointing integrity of polybutene pre-insulated and prefabricated Flexalen pipe technology will be highlighted by Flexenergy at Ecobuild (Excel, London, March 6-8).

As one of the UK’s leading pipe and valve specialists for district heating schemes, Flexenergy specialises in the supply and fabrication of pipe for heating, hot water and cooling systems. The company is the sole distributor in the UK and Ireland of Flexalen pipe technology, manufactured by Thermaflex.

The low carbon Flexalen pipe delivers significant heat loss benefits and energy efficiency gains to district heating schemes and sustainable energy projects, such as biomass CHP, geothermal and heat recovery networks, making Flexenergy the preferred product partner for many consulting engineers, energy managers and contractors.

Flexenergy has also developed the unique pre-insulated V-Flex valve system, which brings new levels of control and integrity to district and community heating schemes by enabling the easy isolation of zones for maintenance and/or network extension.

Sales Director, Sandy Fairley said: “Our ability to help consulting engineers and contractors optimise DHS efficiency through pipe network thermal efficiency and jointing capability is a key contributor to the speeding up of projects. Increasingly, our customers see value in the prefabrication of sections, ensuring that pipe arrives on-site at the exactly the time it is required.”

Visitors to Flexenergy at Ecobuild will learn about the thermal efficiency and whole-life cost advantages of using pre-insulated polybutene pipe technology, as well as the benefits of the new V-Flex valve system. The pipe technology also carries ‘Cradle to Cradle’ eco certification.”

For more information, visit Flexenergy at Ecobuild on stand E184 or go to www.flexenergy.co.uk.