FibreFlex Pro 16



  1. PE-Xa service pipe
  2. Temperature-resistent adhesive layer
  3. Fine mesh, high temperature aramid fibre mesh
  4. Temperature-resistent adhesive layer, including oxygen diffusion barrier
  5. Service pipe outer layer
  6. Flexible Polyurethane-Foam (PUR)
  7. Casing


An energy-efficient pre-insulated flexible pipe system for heating applications at elevated temperatures and pressures.


Elevated temperature and pressure heating networks, large- and medium size district heating networks.

An innovative Thermoplastic Reinforced Service (TRS) pipe with PEX-a liner and high modulus aramid reinforcement mesh is used for FibreFlex Pro pipes for maximum 16 bar operating pressure at continuous 95°C operating temperature (application temperature profile according to OFI CERT ZG 200-2 Class C).

  • Both the service pipe and casing have diffusion barrier layers to prevent oxygen entering the system.
  • Due to reduced wall thickness, FibreFlex Pro 16 service pipes have smaller OD compared to conventional plastic solutions, which allows a thicker insulation layer with same casing dimensions. This, combined with the low value of the cyclopenthane-based PUR foam insulation thermal conductivity of 0.021 W/mK, makes FibreFlex Pro pipes an outstanding, highly-energy-efficient solution for heating networks.

FibreFlex Pro 16 is an innovative solution, enables the safe implementation of plastic flexible pre-insulated pipe system in district heating networks with elevated operating temperatures and pressures, where previously, only steel pipes could operate.

Max. continuous operating temperature


Max. operating temperature

+115°C (variable)

Thermal conductivity

0.021 W/mK

Operating pressure

16 bar

Service pipe

PE-Xa with aramid reinforcement

Thermal insulation

PUR, CFC-free, cyclopenthane-based


corrugated PE-LD

Service life

The FibreFlex Pro 16 pipe system is designed for a 30 year minimum service life at a

  • Continuous operating temperatures of 95°C ‐ or 
  • Seasonal operating temperatures up to 95°C ‐ and with maximum peak operating temperature up to 115°C and an operating pressure of 10 bar.

Where FibreFlex Pro pipelines are operated at temperatures and pressures lower than their design maximum, the service life of these pipe systems will be extended.


FibreFlex Pro 16 pipe systems are manufactured in accordance with OFI CERT ZG 200‐2. The thermal insulation and casing are in accordance with EN15632‐1 and ‐2. An European standard based on the ZG 200‐2 is in preparation.

Service Pipe Product Range

FibreFlex Pro 16 pipe systems

Diameter: 50 ‐110mm