Flexalen 1000+

Multi pipe system for micro-networks helping you deliver efficient energy distribution for district networks

Flexalen 1000+ is our multi-purpose solution for energy distribution and offers an ideal solution for minor district networks. The many possible pipe combinations of Flexalen 1000+ offer flexibility today, as well as for future adaptations or additions.

Flexalen 1000+ is the ideal choice when combining heat and domestic hot water from a heat pump, wood chip boiler or solar installation. It’s also perfect for frost protection and single casing cables. It combines various applications in a single, homogeneous distribution network to serve the energy supply, needs and demands of your community.

A variety of pipes can be combined in a single solution, making it highly versatile. The flexibility and homogeneity of the components allow for a quick and easy installation with minimal disturbance to the existing environment.

The benefits and features of Flexalen 1000+:

  • Easy to install
  • Safe welded connections with Polybutene pipes
  • Assembly to customer specification
  • Full compatibility with Flexalen 600 and all Flexalen products
  • Free moving carrier pipes
  • Multi pipe capability
  • Homogenous connection between outer casing and insulation
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Excellent Bending radius (subject to inner pipe selection)
  • 4 standard pipe combinations
  • Various combinations of OD16 to OD63 mm pipes possible
  • Various insulation thicknesses possible depending on ID
  • Up to 50 m length in coils available (depends on diameter)
  • End caps for water tight sealing between outer casing and pipes