Flexalen PUR

High performance, flexible weldable pre-insulated plastic system for district heating/cooling applications


  • Highest insulation class for plastic pipe systems and perfect fit for low temperature heating networks
  • Large network capacity with service pipes up to OD315mm
  • Full compatibility with Flexalen® 600: combining highest insulation class of main lines with the most flexible house service connections
  • Can be welded removing mechanical joints
  • High-pressure/temperature rating 95°C/8 bar

Flexalen  PUR is a pre-insulated plastic pipe system consisting of fully flexible and semi-flexible pipes (SL). The flexible pre-insulated pipe system is produced conform to the European standard EN15632-1, 2 and KIWA system certified as well as third-party controlled according BRL KOMO 5609-2. The PB service pipes are conform to EN-ISO 15876. The PUR foam and LDPE casing pipe of the semi-flexible pre-insulated pipes (SL) fulfil the functional requirements according EN253.

 Technical Properties

Max. service temperature 95°C
Continuous service temperature 80°C
Max. operating pressure 8bar*(95°C)
Cyclopentane-based PUR foam
Closed-cell structure, CFC-free
Thermal Conductivity λ ≤ 0.023 W/mK @ 50°C**

*depending on the diameter, see Flexalen® PU Pressure rating

**semi-flexible pipes (SL): thermal conductivity ≤0.030 W/m·K @ 50°C; both λDECL