Ibroxholm Oval Development


The thermal efficiency of a district heating scheme in Glasgow is being optimised thanks to the use of pre-insulated polybutylene pipe from Flexenergy.  The pipe technology was selected to minimise the thermal losses of heated water being transported to a new housing development at the Ibroxholm Oval and because the material meant key elements of the network could be prefabricated offsite.

Work Involved

Flexenergy supplied 500 metres of polybutylene pipe for the project, which comprises 65 apartments available for rent, with elbows and T-pieces prefabricated at the company’s Scotland base using electrofusion jointing to reduce the network installation time onsite.

Bespoke building entry risers were also supplied, along with V-Flex valves which allow sections of the network to be isolated for maintenance.

The valve system can also facilitate extension of the district heating scheme in the future, if needed.


Flexenergy’s pipe provides a high pressure, temperature and moisture resistant solution for district heating schemes, thanks to its polybutylene pipes and the unique closed cellular structure of the polyethylene foam insulating the pipe. It is the only pre-insulated plastic pipe in the UK that can be fully welded, securing the integrity of the network while minimising heat losses. It also uses recyclable materials.