Flexenergy, the pre-insulated pipe specialist, has secured five projects in Glasgow

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Engineers have specified their polybutylene pre-insulated pipe as the preferred pipe to replace or upgrade heating systems on existing buildings.

Flexalen 600 pipe has incredible

  • thermal performance
  • flexibility
  • lifespan
  • speed of installation due to the factory-supplied fabrications for intricate changes of directions This reduces on-site jointing needed to complete the end-to-end pipeline.

The heat pump project featured called for 200m of 90mm pipe, fittings and fabrications.

The manufacture of the fabrications is at the factory in Glenrothes. Supply of the fabrications, pipe coils, sticks and ancillary fittings are direct to the site.

Feed and Return pre-insulated pipe Flexenergy
Feed and Return pre-insulated pipe Flexenergy