Decarbonising Leicester Schools

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Heat Pumps – Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme

As part of the government’s Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme, Leicester City Council was awarded £2,467,902 to address three primary schools, leisure centres, residential homes and a library.

Leicester City Council has a policy of not replacing gas boilers with anything other than electrically sourced heat production.  This is their commitment to decarbonising their estate.

The Daikin air source heat pumps deployed at the three schools use Flexenergy’s pre-insulated pipes.  Bespoke fabrications transport the hot water between the heat pump locations and the plant rooms, ensuring minimal heat loss.

Pre-insulated Pipe

Flexenergy supplied 125 and 110mm OD pipe in straight length and coil variants to suit the individual applications and runs. Bespoke fabrications overcame trench levels designed and made in the factory before delivery to the site.  This enabled the installers a more straightforward building entry solution.

The pipework installation undertaken by Radius Subterra utilised electrofusion equipment hired and supplied as a kit with the pipework and fittings direct to the site to complete the connections.


The heat pump revolution is gathering pace with Leicester City Council planning a further 20 + conversions from fossil fuel to heat pump heating solutions across their school portfolio.