Flexenergy Launches New Product Guide

Flexenergy, the UK’s leading pre-insulated polybutene pipe specialists, has launched a new comprehensive guide covering products, accessories and applications.

The guide provides information on each product and their benefits across multiple applications, whether for heating and hot water distribution networks or cooling systems.

Flexenergy is a leading provider of pipe technology, prefabricated sections and specialist valves for residential and commercial applications, and has achieved considerable success in district heating systems, thanks to pre-insulated pipe technology that is lightweight, flexible and easy to install. Coupled with the pipe’s high thermal efficiency and recyclability, and the fact that it will not corrode in the same way as traditional pipe work, the products are secure, reliable and offer significant whole life-cycle benefits.

The Product Guide also covers Flexenergy’s unique pre-insulated V-Flex Valve system, which provides zonal control to district heating schemes to allow for maintenance or expansion.

For a copy of the new Product Guide click on the Brochure Image above