Flexenergy Pipe Technology Specified for NHS Orkney Hospital


A new £64m hospital and healthcare facility being built on Orkney will include latest technology pipework that is sustainable and highly energy efficient.

Glenrothes-based pipe specialists Flexenegy provided 200 metres of pre-insulated pipe to carry heating and boosted cold water between the hospital’s newly-built energy centre and the main building. The Flexalen pipe is highly thermal-efficient, fully recyclable and, being made of polybutylene, will not corrode, unlike traditional pipe materials.

The hospital has been designed to put people first and make a positive contribution to the environment, local community and economy; once complete, island residents will no longer have to travel outside of Orkney for routine care.

The guide provides information on each product and their benefits across multiple applications, whether for heating and hot water distribution networks or cooling systems.
Leeds City Council recently completed a project to upgrade the heating plant and infrastructure at a sheltered housing development in Leeds, which made full use of a unique valve system that provides zonal control to district heating schemes to allow for maintenance or expansion.
Eco friendly and thermal-efficient plastic pipe technology has been used to replace aged cast iron hot water pipes showing signs of corrosion in Edinburgh Castle’s Crown Square.
Flexenergy’s specialist prefabrication expertise has played a key role in a modular village providing a hotel-style living environment for workers at the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station site.